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Studer Design Associates offers our clients a wealth of diverse talent and experience.  Whether we serve as primary consultants or as one of several team members involved in project planning and design, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative, realistic and economically viable solutions to our client’s most complex and challenging projects.
We strive to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients…relationships that are built on mutual understanding, sensitivity, responsiveness and personal service.  All our work is characterized by exceptional levels of thoroughness and attention to detail that result in both problem avoidance and added value for our clients.
With a remarkable broad range of creative talent and experience, our staff members enable us to take on even the most challenging projects with full confidence that we have the individual and organizational resources to deliver our projects and services at a Studer Design Associates level of excellence.
At Studer Design, we work hard to conceive and construct high quality environments that are aesthetically pleasing, functionally sound and contextually appropriate.  Our ultimate goal is to create settings through careful planning and creative design that will transform “exterior space” into “outdoor living rooms” which will endure and actually improve with maturity and use.

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Founder / Principal Landscape Architect

Craig Studer has over thirty years of outstanding accomplishment in the areas of Landscape Architecture, land-use and development planning.  His professional design experience includes site planning, luxury residential design, community and commercial design, visual analysis, athletic complex and sports field planning, hotel and retirement facility planning, garden design, pool design, and landscape planning.

Prior to founding his firm, Craig's career included working at firms specializing in hotel, resort, and assisted care facility design and planning; as well as community planning, and luxury residential design and planning.  Over the years he has excelled in navigating difficult site plan approval processes and public presentations.

Craig solves complicated design challenges by focusing on the root issue, and building a complex and sophisticated design solution around an elegant concept.  As a dedicated professional of landscape architecture, Craig's commitment to quality design and the creation of meaningful spaces is paramount.

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Business Assistant

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